The 30 Best Sci-Fi Comics

Fear Agent is a sci fi adventure for Star Wars fans who preferred Han Solo over Luke Skywalker. (Is that everyone? Well, maybe not everyone, but seriously, who doesn’t love a rake?) The title refers to an elite squad of rangers charged with eliminating alien threats in an interplanetary society. But the titular agent is an unlikely interplanetary hero—Heathrow Huston, a Texan with a taste for booze and a talent for fast-and-loose decision making.

Across thirty-two issues—published by Image Comics, then Dark Horse Comics, then back to Image Comics—Heathrow drinks his way across the galaxy through a series of madcap adventures that pit him against the weird and the grotesque in a losing battle to save the human race from evil robots, acidic tentacle monsters, and other phantasmagoric threats. Through wormholes and black holes, into other universes and to the brink of human extinction, Fear Agent will disappoint fans of “hard sci fi” who want their stories to have a ring of plausibility. But say this for Fear Agent—in the adventures of Heathrow Huston, there’s never a dull moment.